Opinions on Contemporary Artwork

Upon reading an essay by Clement Greenberg my opinion of modern art has changed … maybe not so dramatically.. I have come to understand it more. As everyone knows already, I lean more towards realism, thus the lifelike art I post often on my blog. I’ve discovered the modernist in art does not attempt to imitate life itself, but instead takes on the role of God, creating life that is valid solely on it’s own terms, in a way that nature is valid. They create in such a way that is not worthy of constraint and processes itself that could be independent of meanings or left to an infinite amount of translations. It is feasible to accept contemporary artwork as it is if one refrains from perusing with skepticism and disdain.
In my art, I take comfort in absolutes, knowing that what I see is what it is. I find translating details onto canvas exhilarating and meditative. Beyond my work on paper life is moving constantly in random directions and I have little to no time to just simply… focus, even now as I write this, I think of how I should be doing my homework, and with each punch on this keyboard, I think of how cold my feet are.
Taking this class based of arbitrary disciplines is completely out of my element for I take on a role of a god in creating values that invoke everything but absolutes. This could be possibly the genesis of an abstract chapter in my life where i do not imitate the former.

To contend the Aristotelian sense of copying, I strive to become the subject matter of imitators. Haha…One can dream i suppose.

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